Prayer Submissions

The following prayer requests have recently been received.

Date Submitted Name, Relationship or Need Details You Wish to Share
07/10/2020 Raymond Szczesny  
07/10/2020  Patricia Dembinski  
07/10/2020  Rosalie Castro  
07/02/2020 Gary My girlfriends husband that was diagnosed with cancer, passed this morning. Please pray for the family during the difficult time.
07/02/2020 Michelle My daughter-in-law’s mom has passed after complications from an elective surgery. She was 50 yrs young. Prayers for the family.
07/02/2020 Ollie Simmons' mother My mother-in-law has taken a turn for the worse. She is 100 years old. We don't know how much time is left. Please pray for her to be at peace whatever happens. Thank you. Barbara Simmons
06/29/2020 Barbara Ahlheim  
06/27/2020 Francis Dougherty Our best friend for 45 yrs. Very ill. Thank you Brian and Kathy Drury
06/23/2020 Doug and Nancy Prayers please for Doug's return to good health and for Nancy strength to deal with all problems
06/22/2020 Robert Erwin Dritschel  
06/20/2020  Maria Valente-mother She is 93 and broke her hip. She will have surgery this weekend and a long recovery in front of her. Guidance for the future for her care
06/20/2020 Aunt Agnes My aunt is in her 90s and is hospitalized recovering from a ruptured appendix surgery. She has limited eyesight and hearing so is frustrated with what is happening. She is a vibrant, strong woman despite her difficulties. Please pray for her recovery.
06/18/2020 James Dacey 3rd He was just tested and he has Covid-19. He is my son, my oldest son (32 y/o), he is married (Sarah) and they have 1 son, my grandson (James 4th). They live in Arizona. Currently he is quarantined for 14 days away from the family. Please pray for his recovery. Thank you. God Bless you..
06/18/2020 Antonia France Please my leg looks better please keep praying for my spider bite amen
06/14/2020 Gary My best friends husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and nearing death. Please pray for the entire family through this sad time
06/13/2020 Antonia France Please pray for my leg to heal got bit by a spider tyvm love you amen