Prayer Submissions

The following prayer requests have recently been received.

Date Submitted Name, Relationship or Need Details You Wish to Share
11/24/2022 Alan Demascus Please continue your prayers for Alan's schizophrenia illness, there has been a reduction in the psychotic voices that he hears. Thank you.
11/20/22 Melissa  
11/14/2022 remi .t. suffering from ineffective laser surgery. cannot afford another surgery.  Need to find alternative treatment quickly as i find it diffuclt to sit/stand.  I'm in pain and will be terminated from job / face housing problem also



magdalena lovejoy pray to heal Magdalena Lovejoy emotional trauma and depression and grief and loss and lonliness and heal her schizophrenia and pray to heal Nicoletta Rogers family and Pauline Lowe depression.
11/12/2022 Marie Please pray for my family to restore their life and career financially prosperously. Bless the work of their hands successfully. Remove all blockages restore and shower them with many blessings and great opportunities in multiple folds in the name of Jesus Christ. Clear all blocks to their financial security allow abundance prosperity to flow their ways successfully. Spare them from any calamities that ll cause them misery. Cover them with the Virgin Mary holy mantle successfully. They ll walk in the shadow of the debts successfully. Bless you all praying. Thank you for all your prayers!
10/31/2022 Amanda Please hear my prayer. I have been invited to interview for a potentially life changing position on Wednesday 11/2 it will change my life both professionally and financially. I feel under qualified but if this is truly the position that is meant for me please help me prepare and do my best to not only obtain the position but maintain it
10/27/2022 Priya Please pray that I will get a new job at a company who will value my talent and accept me. William and I can get past this rough patch in our relationship and heal us to be grateful to have each other and see the good in each other and future together.
10/27/2022 Anonymous Praying for friend to be completely cured from Crohn’s disease