Prayer Submissions

The following prayer requests have recently been received.

Date Submitted Name, Relationship or Need Details You Wish to Share
09/28/2021  Kiran Please pray for me.
09/24/2021  Joe Glinski Please pray for Joe he has prostate cancer, need prayers to help him chose the best treatment plan for a full recovery
09/23/2021  Mary Simmons, my Mother-in-law My mother-in-law is in hospital and not doing well. Prayers needed for God's Will to be done, whatever that may be.
09/22/2021  Noel Raj Kindly pray for my nephew Noel Raj.
09/20/2021  Casey P Please pray for this young woman battling cancer. Pray for her recovery so she can continue to raise her two young children.
09/08/2021 Gina In the hospital recovering from a stroke.  Please pray for her and her family at this difficult time.  
09/06/2021 steph Loving and merciful God, it’s my dad’s birthday & I pray for his healing & peace. It’s my birthday soon too so pls. also protect me, my family and my friends in Christ from any trials, evil designs, toxic & hateful people. Pls. grant us peace, forgiveness, graces, new beginnings, great health, wealth, careers, & loving relationships. I have also been looking for a job so please also grant me job security. Amen.
09/05/2021 Paolo Thank you my Lord by your stripes my brother Paolo is healed. In Jesus Name I pray he is healed, Amen
09/05/2021 Barbara Zalasky, wife Please pray for the residents and staff at Ellen Memorial Long-term Care Facility in Honesdale. The facility is undergoing a (it's first) surge of the very dangerous Covid-19 Delta variant. Significant spread of even vaccinated residents is occurring.
08/30/2021 Bean (my cat) She is missing and I pray that she finds her way home and is safe.
8/25/2021 Franco Maida Was in an accident.  Lost his eye and broke his sternum.  Please pray for his recovery.  
08/25/2021 Gene Kennedy Please pray that the Lord give my boyfriend, Gene, the Spirit of wisdom & revelation.   Also Gene & his adult daughter, Melissa, need the Lord to send a miracle into their relationship.
08/24/2021 Christina /daughter my daughter is sick with the covid virus.  Please pray for her complete recovery.  Please pray for her husband and two children that they will not get it.  And if they do please pray they will have a full recovery. Thank you and may God bless you for your help and charity.
08/20/2021 Richard Sacco (brother) He’s in the hospital in FL with covid.