Prayer Submissions

The following prayer requests have recently been received.

Date Submitted Name, Relationship or Need Details You Wish to Share
11/30/23 Alonie and her children Brittney Maisco's staff member, Alonie, passed away suddenly yesterday.  She was only 30 years old with four little children ages 4-12 years old. There is no spouse.  Please pray for Alonie and her children.
11/27/2023 Ralph Please pray for my brother in law. He is drowning in his darkness. He needs our prayers desperately.
11/22/2023 Arnold Arnold wants to thank everyone who prayed for him with his surgery. He is happy to tell everyone his surgery was successful! Prayers do work!!!
11/22/2023 Jolie Justina Please pray for my daughter Jolie Justina who currently needs God's healing and intervention to speak and communicate. May she be healed from all physical and Psychological (mental and emotional) infirmities that are hindering her growth and speech. May the Lord God continue to sprinkle his healing stream all over her body and heal her through Christ Jesus. Amen.
11/21/2023  Ma elena Santiago For a multitude of intentions for my family
11/20/2023 Clara Flynn Infant 6 days old in heart surgery
11/17/2023 Amansa Please pray for me... I graduated college in 2015 and I am still struggling to find, and,maintain,employment that will not only pay the bills but also make me self sufficient. For the last 3 years I have worked as a receptionist at a senior living community. Despite working full time and my parents generously helping me pay half my rent, I have very little savings, I also have very little debt, but I live paycheck to paycheck. Please help me find the spare key my boyfriend entrusted me with ASAP, for the health of his aunt and my father and that I get a zap of energy
11/13/2023 family Dear Lord Please hear our prayer for Magda, David, and their children. We humbly ask for health and protection for them through the holy blood of Jesus. May your blessings and wealth be poured upon our family and all those who pray for this intention. Amen.
11/09/2023 Arnold K. Arnold is having surgery on November 16th. Please keep him in your prayers.
11/06/2023 husband ben please pray for my broken marriage ben & mel. my husband has mentally separated from me. he is angry and has he says i have controlled him for the last 16 ys. he is not reconciling and doesn't believe in the covenant marriage. he talks for a lady Sara constantly. Please pray for holy spirit to restore my husbands Ben heart back to Jesus and to the family. pls pray for Ben & Mel