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May 1, 2017

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  • Josephine DalessandroPosted on 11/04/18

    I used to vote "right to life." However, I have come to realize that current "right to life candidates exclude far too many people in our world. Migrant families seeking asylum at are borders, and their children, immigrants living in this country, un armed African Americans who are shot by racist or poorly trained police officers, and the military who are often sent off to fight and die in un just wars like Irack and Viet Nam, are, some how, excluded. "Right to life" political leaders embrace foreign dictators who routinely jail, torture, and murder their political opponents. "Right to life", candidates, defend white nationalists, disrespect women, and defend child molesters. "Right to life" candidates routinely work to eliminate social safety nets such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food stamps, and head start. Such social safety nets, when in place, actually reduce the number of women seeking abortion. "Right to Life" should be about much more than protecting the unborn. Until all human beings are considered worth saving, "Right to life is nothing more than another political ploy for the rich and powerful.

  • imran yousaf masihPosted on 9/04/17

    God bless you holy father,please pray for me,i want to attend the event in chili