"Beads of Joy" by Rosary Man Jim

May 12, 2017

St. Vincent de Paul parishioner Jim Dacey Jr. ("Rosary Man Jim") writes and shares about the gospel, other scriptural Rosary reflection topics, life experiences and how it relates to our faith...


  • Jan MartinezPosted on 5/27/17

    You are bringing the WORD of God alive! At the same time feeding that hunger in our souls we need so desperately! Being Catholic is like being a member of a very special Family! You open the doors to the Gospel for us to see plainly what Jesus is saying! Just what he needs us to know. The Holy Spirit is working through you to nurture us! God Bless you Brother!!

  • A. J. PicognaPosted on 5/12/17

    This is tremendous! It is so easy to see that you are on fire with the Holy Spirit. Move forward continuously because there is so much that needs to be said to all, Catholics, "sometimes" Catholics, and non-Catholics. Coming from a layman the message carries untold power and weight, Many blessings always!